Entry and residence regulations

In Austria every person (Austrians, EU/EEA nationals, nationals of third countries) has to register in their place of residence. The registration offices are the municipal authorities.

To register you need:

  • Travel document
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate and/or proof of academic titles as applicable
  • Registration form (Meldezettel), available from the registration office; this has to be signed both by the landlord and by the tenant.

Within three working days of entry into Austria you have to register with the Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in Leoben:

Erzherzog Johann-Straße 2
8700 Leoben

Any change of the residential address has to be reported to the registration office within three working days, any change of other data has to be reported within one month.

The confirmation of registration (Meldebestätigung) should be kept safe because you will need it for certain dealings with the authorities (e.g. for a renewal of your residence or domicile permit).

Before leaving Austria you have to cancel your registration at the same office.