At some Austrian universities, different selection procedures have been introduced for a variety of study programmes in order to reduce the number of first-year students embarking on their studies. Our study programmes at Leoben are not affected by this issue, there is no selection process and enrolment is simple. All students with  Austrian school-leaving certificates can enrol at Montanuniversität. If you graduated outside of Austria, or already have a degree in a technical subject, you will need to go through an application process.

According to legislation, all those wishing to study for a bachelor's, master's or diploma degree programme at Montanuniversität Leoben must register in time. All dates and deadlines can be found here. 

Please note: Pre-registration does not replace the need for enrolment (admission to study)! You do not need a school-leaving certificate for pre-registration. You can pre-register for multiple universities or study programmes – if in doubt, register with us, as: you do not have to unregister from Montanuniversität, if you eventually decide not to study in Leoben.

A compulsory orientation phase for bachelor's and diploma degree programmes has been introduced at Austrian universities as of the winter semester 2011/12. This is regulated as follows at Montanuniversität Leoben for students starting at the university in the forthcoming winter semester:

  • Select two lectures from the compulsory subjects for the first semester "Mathematics I", "Chemistry IA"  and "Physics IA". You must also attend the "Introduction to Mining Sciences" lecture.
  • You must pass the tests in the two chosen subjects. Until you have attended the required orientation phase events and passed the tests, you can only attend further first-year lectures worth up to 22 ECTS points (including those in the orientation phase).
  • You can repeat the orientation phase tests four times.


Regular students from Austria, an EU or EEA state and students who are granted the same profession access rights as native Austrians under international law (e.g. Convention refugees) are exempt from paying tuition fees for the minimum standard duration of their course plus two extra semesters. They only have to pay the students' union membership fee.

Click here for further information on student fees.

The first year of study is almost identical for all students at Montanuniversität Leoben. As a result, students can switch study programmes seamlessly at the end of the first year without losing any time. The first two semesters teach you the basics of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics that are required for studying engineering. This year of common studies makes the average course duration much shorter. There are plenty of practice and laboratory places in every subject. 

Great emphasis is placed on personal supervision right from the start at Montanuniversität Leoben. To make the first few weeks of university life easier for new students, you will be looked after by students from other years as part of a tutorial programme and you can go to them with questions and problems and ask their advice during that time. 

Technically, you can start your study programme at Montanuniversität Leoben in the summer semester. However, first-year lectures start in the winter semester and build upwards on this basis. You will have much more work to do, if you dive straight into the summer semester.

You can either rent a flat – alone or with others as a flat-share – or stay in one of the many halls of residence at Montanuniversität Leoben. We recommend that you apply promptly if you want a place in a hall of residence. 

We have agreements with numerous universities in Europe and further afield that will allow you to spend one or two semesters abroad. Studying abroad not only helps you learn a foreign language, but also boosts your cultural understanding and flexibility, increases your chances of finding a great first job and generally enriches your life. MIRO - Montanuniversität International Relations Office  is there to support and advise all students who want to study abroad.