Registering for a Bachelor's Degree

All high-school graduates can study at Montanuniversität Leoben. There is no application process and the amount of available places is not limited.


All documents must be originals:

  • Passport or birth certificate/proof of citizenship combined with an ID-card
  • High-school diploma
  • If transferring from another Austrian university, you will also need to bring: Confirmation of Withdrawal and Record of Studies
  • If your high-school diploma is not equivalent to the Austrian "Matura", please also bring the confirmation of admission from an acknowledged technical university located in the same country as the high-school from which you graduated.

1.) The following link shows you which high-school diplomas are equivalent to the Austrian "Matura".

Ministry of Education: Foreign Diplomas

Starred* countries: Send your diploma for examination to admission(at)
Countries with ** or *** need an original confirmation of admission from an acknowledged university in the country the high-school diploma was issued.

Find acknowledged technical universities here: Anabin

Status H+ : acknowledged university
Status H+/- : unsure status. Contact admission(at)
Status H- : not an acknowledged university. Confirmation of admission will not be accepted.

2.)  Check if your documents need an authentication:
Ministry of Education: Authentication

The austrian authority in charge is the Austrian Embassy.
Authentication by Apostille

3.) Foreign Documents need to be translated into German or English by a certified translator, and legally certified.

...are obliged to take a German test upon arrival in Leoben.

Find more information here.

! The usual admission procedure does not apply !

1.) To ease the admission process, make sure you pre-register.


2.) Once you show evidence of the above mentioned documents at the Registrar's Office (first floor, main building) you will receive registration folder and a form, which you will need to fill in in order to complete your admission.

3.) The students' union membership fee [ÖH-Beitrag] (EUR 20.20 per semester as of 2019/20) needs to be paid as quickly as possible. You must use your reference number for the payment to be made.

4.) Once the transaction has gone through (2-3 working days), you can sign into your MU-Online account and sign-up for classes. For the first access to your MU-Online account, you will need the pincode given to you at registration.

This pin is only valid for 7 days!

If your pin has expired, you can get a new one from the Registrar`s Office. A manual on how to do this can be found in the userguide.